Our Painterly Petals collection has been meticulously designed, effortlessly bringing together the artwork, colours, shapes, materials, and printing methods.

Summer dreams bloom in Spring.
Through this collection, we stop to admire
the rays of the vibrant sun and celebrate how it
breathes life into various seasons in both nature and our journeys.
Using watercolour and paint as mediums for our designs, this timeless
yet modern collection celebrates the magic and beauty in nature.

Diecut Envelopment

Uniquely designed with the paper type and colour in mind to complement each design in our collection.

Main Invitation

Two selections of premium paper stock are flush mounted for a luxuriously substantial feeling in your hands.

Reply Card & Envelope

Details Card

Each design in this collection includes
matching foil pressing of your main invitation text.
All done by hand and in-house with our 1950's vintage presses.

Every invitation is hand made in-house
ensuring that every suite is as perfect as the last.



Our unique cost structure means that any design from any collection is the same price. Spend more time admiring your invitations and less about planning your budget.

Choose from three designs in our Painterly Petals collection: each available in 3 unique shapes and 5 distinct colour palettes to elevate any occasion. Our collection is all original, lovingly illustrated and beautifully handcrafted into thoughtful vignettes by our Canadian artists in house.

Inspired by the beauty of the garden rose. This suite mimics the quiet meandering through gardens. Matching the simplicity of love's first moments, the design is soft and whimsical.

This gorgeous depiction of utopia reminds us to enjoy the celebration of paradise found - or the home two people have found in one another.

This vibrant depiction of the calla lily represents strength and beauty. A bold design for those who vividly imagine their worlds and futures.

Every design fits into one of our three beautiful die cut envelopes. Our team has thoughtfully considered how each design can be sized according to our three silhouettes.

Classic Cut

6" x 9"

Defiant Square

7.5" x 7.5"

Modern Clutch

No. 10