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The Open Sea Atrium Window Display

The Open Sea Atrium Window Display


In celebration of their 5th anniversary, Ginza Tsutaya Books partnered with Ferris Wheel Press to bring to life the hand-illustrated marine scene from their upcoming Curious Collaborations Series.

Illustrated, designed and built in our Toronto studio, these larger-than-life additions to the Tsutaya Books window display were crafted with the same attention to detail and magic that we infuse into all of our creations. These curious critters then embarked on a jet setting journey across the globe to Tokyo, Japan where they now find their home inside the Ginza Six building.


Dive into the cavernous Ginza Tsutaya Books Atrium, filled to the brim with water and sea life from Tokyo Bay. Light shines through the rippling waves, illuminating the scene and leaving dancing sunbeams to jump around. Schools of fish swim to and fro, browsing the extensive collection of literature, while well-mannered sharks enjoy the newest art installation. 

Like a precious pearl standing front and centre, perched upon a grand ferris wheel sits the second chapter in the Ginza Tsutaya Books and Ferris Wheel Press Curious Collaborations series with Morning Glory Glow, Open Sea Atrium, and Treasured Manuscript.

Complete your collection of Tsutaya collaboration inks, now available in Japan through Ginza Tsutaya Books on March 15th, and launching globally through Ferris Wheel Press in May 2022.

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