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Lady Rose in Gold 2021 Limited Edition - Ferris Wheel Press
Lady Rose in Gold 2021 Limited Edition - Ferris Wheel Press
Lady Rose in Gold 2021 Limited Edition - Ferris Wheel Press
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    Lady Rose in Gold 2021 Limited Edition


      The original Lady Rose debuted in 2019, and is the most popular fountain pen ink in the Ferris Wheel Press Collection. Enjoyed by fans worldwide, we've taken the same formula behind this romantic tone and added a celebratory golden sparkle.

      Lady Rose in Gold is an antique rose toned ink with depth and nuance. This rich colour is perfect for penning your next love letter, and soft enough to create an ethereal peony painting. Known for her grace and elegant colour range, and remembered for the emotion she carries.

      • 38ml ink reservoir
      • Rich and saturated tones
      • Low sheen
      • Gold Shimmer
      • Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
      • Signature brass cap


      Ferris Wheel Press celebrates 2021 with our most beloved, and fan favourite fountain pen ink, Lady Rose. In our year of the lady, the 2021 limited edition Lady Rose in Gold features the same beautiful antique rose ink tone the world has come to love, but donned in sparkling gold shimmer for the occasion. In creating the custom artwork for this special edition ink, we recognize a few of the most culturally significant female figures in history who have inspired us, and the spirit of their work is expressed in the meticulous hand-illustrated details of this romantic packaging.

      • Crown Moulding design adapted from Princess Diana’s iconic tiara.
      • Tapestry inspired by Lucy Maud Montegomery, Canadian author, Anne of Green Gables
      • Florals inspired by Frida Kahlo, Mexican Artist and activist
      • Pearls inspired by Michelle Obama
      • Fascinators by Audrey Hepburn


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