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NUVO Magazine

"England has Smythson. Italy has Rossi. Ferris Wheel Press is set to become Canada's illustrious purveyor of stationery, fountain pens, inks and notebooks. Want to thank a friend for sending you a housewarming gift or dog sitting for the weekend? Say it with a handwritten, emoji-less note on card stock or the company's stationery, composed with Ferris Wheel Press' Brush fountain pen, which bears this country's maple leaf on its nib."

— Claudia Cusano NUVO Magazine

Weddingbells Magazine

Thursday, July 12, 2018

"The stationery pros at Ferris Wheel Press have created a stunning, expertly crafted brush fountain pen that we're currently swooning over. [...] Of course, this is also the perfect pen to have in your kit for signing thank-you notes post-wedding. If you're searching for a pen that's equal parts stylish and functional, this pen should be on your list."

— Kimberly Aglipay, Assistant Editor of Weddingbells

Globe & Mail

Saturday, May 25, 2018

"We've lost the art of writing and delivering invitations to our guests. Send them a hard copy and they'll know you're serious."

— Randi Bergman, The Globe and Mail

"Impeccably Designed"

"The Brush Fountain Pen is possibly the most luxurious thing I've ever held in my hand. It is beautiful, impeccably designed, and an absolute joy to write with."

— @saricastudio

"One of a Kind"

"Ferris Wheel Press has created a beautiful, one of a kind fountain pen that when uncapped, reveals the silhouette of a paint brush. This pen was designed to inspire us to slow down and reacquaint our hands with our heart. It was designed to inspire us to simply write."

— @written.intentions

"Love the feeling of this pen more than any other"

"I sometimes miss the feeling of sketching on paper, so any ink on paper sketches you see from here on will be created using my amazing Ferris Wheel Press Brush Fountain Pen. I've tried so many fountain pens in the past but I honestly love the feeling of this one more than any other. No ink spills, no smudging, it dispenses the perfect amount of ink each time. Plus it looks fab!!"

— @sabinafenn


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