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Welcome to the FWP Loyalty Program

$20 Sign up Bonus, Priority Access, Exclusive Products, Discounts & Gifts AND GET A FREE $10 GIFT CARD EVERY MONTH
How it Works
Sign Up
Create an account on our store and get a $20 Gift Card
Earn up to 10% back on your purchases
Use Points
Redeem points for gift cards and exclusive members only products
Ways to Earn
Earn points by completing any of the actions below (See FAQ)
Redeem for FREE products
Choose the amount you want to redeem
How and when will the monthly free $10 gift card work?
20,000 points will be automatically deposited into your account on the 10th of every month. You can use these points to redeem a $10 gift card.
How to earn points through Social Media Engagement?

In order to convert your social activities to loyalty points, you must submit them to Ferris Wheel Press using our submission form. Points are not automatically captured and members are required to provide URLs to Ferris Wheel Press using our submission form.

Posting URLs are verified on a weekly basis, and it may take up to 7 days for points to appear in your account.

Get Social with Ferris Wheel Press and earn:

  • 5000 points - FOLLOW us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok, and earn for each social media platform listed.
    • Submit the URL of your social media account using our submission form to claim your points.
    • Redeemable only once for each platform.
  • 5000 points - SHARE our content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok. Reshare our content using any of your social media accounts.
    • Submit the URL of your post using our submission form to claim your points.
    • Members can share as often as possible, there are no limits on shares.
    • Instagram Stories are not valid at this time.
  • 1000 points - Tag/Mention @ferriswheelpress or use #ferriswheelpress on your feed/reel post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok.
    • Submit the URL of your post using our submission form to claim your points.
    • Members can Mention/Tag as often as possible, there are no limits on Mentions/Tags.
    • Instagram Stories are not valid at this time.
    • Tag or Mention @ferriswheelpress / #ferriswheelpress in your posts featuring Ferris Wheel Press content
    • Submit posts from up to 30 days prior

Simply, copy and paste the URL(s) of your shares, and/or mentions into our submission form to claim your points.

How to earn points through product reviews?

Earn 40,000 points by submitting a product review on our website following a purchase. An invitation to complete a review will be emailed to you one day following your purchase. Please ensure you are providing the email address associated with your Loyalty Program membership in order to receive your points.

Please note that only product reviews on our website, completed through your purchasing email, will be eligible for points. Reviews made on Google, although greatly appreciated, are NOT eligible for loyalty program points at this time.

Can I use the free reward with other offers?
Rewards cannot be combined with any other offers. Only 1 reward can be applied to each order.
I accidentally spent my points on the wrong reward, can I undo and get my points back?
If you accidentally redeemed, but have not used the reward, you can contact support and we will refund your points.
Will my points expire? What about my rewards?
Your points will expire after 1 year of inactivity. Be sure to spend your points before they expire. Rewards that have already been redeemed will not expire.
I shared my referral link to someone, but I did not get my points. How do I get them?
In order to receive your points, the person you provided the referral link to must complete an order. If you have completed an order, but you still have not received your points, contact support and we can add the points to your account.
It's my birthday today, why didn't I get my points?
There is a 30-day period after setting your birthday where point will not be distributed. Additionally, upon receiving points for your birthday, the next time points are rewarded will be after 12 months.
How does the Free Returns Reward work?
Gold tier members can enjoy free returns without paying the 15% restocking fee. However, it's important to note that you are still responsible for covering the shipping fee associated with returning items. For more details, please review our return policy. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.