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2020 Downloadable Calendar

by Christopher Reid on August 14, 2020

Back for its second year, our downloadable calendar series returns!

Hand illustrated by our very own team here at Ferris Wheel Press. This year's calendar, is designed to fit together to create one magical collage. 

The 2020 calendar has been resized, to ensure it fits perfectly within the Nothing Left and Always Right notebooks, while still leaving lots of space for creative artistry.

Download your calendar today, and be sure to show off your work by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook, or by emailing your creativity to

As the Autumn breeze chills the air and scatters the leaves, make the most of your month with the October calendar, available in black or grey here.

Ferris Wheel Press Downloadable Calendar October 2020

Download September's calendar here.

Ferris Wheel Press Downloadable Calendar September 2020


Download August's Calendar here.

Ferris Wheel Press Downloadable Calendar August 2020


Download the July Calendar here.

Ferris Wheel Press Downloadable Calendar July 


Plan your month with the June calendar, now available here in both black and grey versions.

Ferris Wheel Press downloadable calendar June 2020


May 2020 Calendar - Download

Ferris Wheel Press downloadable calendar colour in colour in May 2020


April 2020 Calendar  Download

ferris wheel press blog coral soda notebook


March 2020 Calendar – Download

Ferris Wheel Press March 2020 Downloadable Calendar

February 2020 calendar – Download

Ferris Wheel Press February Calendar

January 2020 calendar – Download.

FWP Downloadable Calendar 2020

by Lyssa on July 31, 2020

If someone could send the 2019 calendar my way, my email is!! Thanks!!

by Belén Enriquez on July 29, 2020

If someone happens to have the 2019 calendar, could you be so kind to share it? You can send it to me to or on IG as @belengised Thanks!!!! 🤍

by Belén Enriquez on July 19, 2020

Is there a way I could have the 2019 calendar? 🥺🙏🤍

by Aissatou Sunjata on April 03, 2020

New to this form of creativity and already I am excited about using my creativity to bring each month to life. Just enough detail and options for a novice to try without fearing there are too many intricacies to attempt. Thank you I am looking forward.

by JRT on February 27, 2020

I have the full 2019 calendar. Find me on Instagram and DM me @sir_minxalot

by Neminghway on January 28, 2020

Anybody had the 2019 calendar? Miss some month and can’t find anywhere 😢

by Riya puniyani on January 14, 2020

This is really amazing, even i love to make art mandalas i really appriciate your good work.i am glad for those adorable links,through which i am able to download it Really thankyou

by Anita on January 08, 2020

It’s so magical, quirky and fun! Really represents what your brand is. Love it!

by Julie on January 07, 2020

This is amazing idea, I adore it. Keep it up, great work. I am glad for those special links,through which I am able to download it. Thanks from Czech republic 🙂


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