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Less is More!

by Ferris Wheel Press Team on October 16, 2020
A 38mL of orange ink with the Ferris Wheel Press logo in gold surrounded by paper cut outs of hand-drawn pumpkins.

We are so excited to announce that our entire fountain pen ink collection is now available in 38ml bottles!

All your favourite ink colours, including the Original Trio of Bluegrass Velvet, Candy Marsala and Tanzanite Sky are now offered in the beautiful yet functional pocket watch silhouette which allows them to sit flush against each other to create a stunning display on your desk without compromising space.

Whether you've had your eye on a particular shade or are looking to try something new, the 38ml will always be an option. Here's to more ways to Fall in Love with Writing Again!


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by Michlrof on November 19, 2020

Restoration of baths in Mytishchi


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