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The Momentum of Culture

The Momentum of Culture

Chinese traditions have thousands of years of history, and offer endless ways to enter into the culture to celebrate its richness. This Lunar New Year, we’ve collaborated with Fête Chinoise – an award-winning Chinese-Canadian cultural platform that empowers individuals to deepen their connection between identity and culture, to create a writing experience that is rooted in tradition and beauty. Let us celebrate the roaring year of the Water Tiger!

Presenting two distinct inks: Sunlit Jade, a warm lockwood green ink punctuated by a magnificent gold shimmer, and Moonlit Jade, which glistens in a starlight silver.

Identified by most for it’s bright green colour, Jade comes in a variety of shades ranging from a deep forest green, to an opaque white hue. Prized for its subtle translucence and protective qualities, the significance and symbolism of Jade differs from region to region. However, there is more in common across ages and geographies when it comes to why Jade is so precious and in many family collections of heirlooms: it is an aesthetically beautiful stone that signifies longevity and good health, as well as prosperity and fortune. Jade has calming elements when worn against the skin, and has a graceful look. 

Together with Fête Chinoise, we created a set of unique hand-illustrated designs: the concept was inspired by traditional apothecary packaging in the culture that has been an eclectic mix of history, typographic styles and the evolution of printmaking to mass production from a different era. We refreshed the look with some detailed drawings of favourite elements from both the world of Ferris Wheel Press and the annual Lunar New Year celebrations for a breathtaking pair of iconic designs. 

Among the peony florals and buds signifying prosperity and good fortune, and pine trees that represent longevity, you will find auspicious sayings written artfully in traditional Chinese characters. “The dance of the ink, the song of the pen” is your daily reminder that these bottles contain so much more than just ink - every drop is the possibility to create something truly magical.

Why jadeite green? Where red may be a more common colour to represent Lunar New Year, there are hundreds of traditional colours of the culture that are meaningful. Imagine what a colourful world of Lunar New Year could be if we opened our minds to all the stories and mythology of Chinese culture. Coincidentally, we join Italian luxury design house Bottega Veneta in our nod to green, with their grand decor of the Great Wall of China this year — adorned in shades of green and tangerine, symbolizing good luck.

Launching January 24th, join Ferris Wheel Press and Fête Chinoise in celebrating the grand adventure of the year ahead. Let us jump write into the year of the Water Tiger on February 1st!
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