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The Bijou Fountain Pen - Whiskering Tales

$1,000,000.00 USD
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Spotlight Features
  • A Ferris Wheel Press first: dual coloured pen body finished in Snowfall Lacquer
  • Limited “Princess Patch” Edition two-tone No. 5 smooth writing fine steel nib
  • Double gold plated brass grip with Patch’s precious jewels
  • By appointment to Lord H.H. Evergreen’s Loyal Warrant for quality and design
  • Crafted batch limited to 200 pieces


Feeling adventurous? Behold the legendary Bijou Fountain Pen inspired by our beloved Patch’s fervent appetite for reading and daring nature. Dive into a world where she conquers as “Princess Patch,” decorated with glittering jewels and all!

Featuring an all-new colour-blocked Snowfall Lacquer body that captures the playful pattern of Patch’s very own fur coat. Complete with jewelled detailing and a custom etched two-tone fine nib with the lovely visage of our favourite feline, this instrument delivers the same trusted writing experience known of the Bijou.

Once Upon a Design
  • Snowfall Lacquer colour-blocked body in cream and beige, reflecting our Patch’s unique feline coat pattern in real life!
  • Two-toned custom nib featuring the intrepid explorer, “Princess Patch,” in her very own fantasy fairytale.
  • Detailed engraving of Patch’s precious jewels on the double-plated grip.
  • Commissioned by the Loyal Family, this beloved writing instrument is the everyday choice for productivity goals and artistic ventures. The Bijou is made to be admired and picked up daily as your favourite creative tool.
Technical Specifications
  • Full brass body in Snowfall Lacquer finish
  • Custom colour blocked body
  • Nib: Two-Tone Stainless Steel #5 in Fine, removable feeder
  • Brass grip/hardware with engraved and double gold plated details
  • Total length:143.7mm
  • Total Width: 12mm
  • Cap length: 56.3mm
  • Body length: 91.3mm
  • Grip length: 21mm
  • Total weight: 22.7g
  • Filling System: Standard International sized piston converter
Care Instructions
  1. DO NOT post the cap onto your pen when writing. Our pen has been designed and balanced to write with the cap un-posted
  2. The threads of the cap are brass and risk damaging the lacquer if you post the cap
  3. Store pen vertically with the tip pointing upwards when not in use to minimize clogs; routine flushing and maintenance recommended, especially with sparkling inks

Filling your Bijou Fountain Pen

  1. Unwind the grip from the barrel of the pen to reveal the converter
  2. Pull the converter off of the grip assembly
  3. Clean your nib and converter by rinsing it in cold water until water runs clear
  4. If the pen has not been in use for a few weeks, you may need to submerge the nib for an hour to loosen up the ink
  5. Air dry the nib and converter and reassemble when fully dry
  6. Twist the end knob until the piston is fully depressed
  7. Submerge the entire nib into the ink, and SLOWLY twist the piston to draw the ink until the converter is fully extended
  8. It is normal to have some small air pockets at the top of the converter

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