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Solid Everyday Writer

I was so excited to receive my Carousel pen. I think it's really important for brands that focus on fountain pens and inks to have a variety of price points for their products. Sure, a high-end pen is great, but we all need something that is grab-and-go that doesn't require delicate handling and writes like a champ. That is this pen. As with all FWP items, the packaging is lovely. I ordered Tattler's Teal, and the color is sublime. The cap is printed in silver with the pen's model name and the brand, which is handy because sometimes it's easy to forget a model. The pen's grip is hexagonal, ensuring the fingers have secure resting places for use. The silver, fine tip nib has the image of a traditional carousel horse, which is a lovely detail. The writing quality is where this pen really shines. Even loaded with sparkle ink, the flow is smooth and consistent. I see very little bleeding on a variety of paper stocks. I have two small critiques for this pen. The first is that the universal converter doesn't seat as snuggly as I would like. I have not experienced any leaks or overflow; I am concerned that if tossed into a bag or jostled a lot that the converter could disconnect, which would be very messy. More testing is required. The other critique is about the general quality feel. Given the price point, it's not necessarily a quibble. Other pens in a similar price range (Kaweco Perkeo, I'm looking at you...) feel a bit more substantial. It could be the smooth barrel or the slight roughness of the end of the barrel. Without the cap secured to the top (which is my preference for I always fear losing a cap that cannot be placed onto the pen), it's too light and disproportionately weighted for my comfort. Overall, this is a nice pen. It will work well as an everyday writer and it would be a great option to introduce someone to the fun of fountain pens at a reasonable cost.


You get what you pay for it's okay 👍

Trent Atkinson

Sadly a bit disappointed with this pen. Feels quite light and not super well constructed. There is a crack in the barrel from just screwing the pieces together gently. On top of that the nib does feel a bit scratchy and the ink - I used bookkeepers brass from the same company - blocked up quickly.

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