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Tammy L Powers
I agree with Billy...

I have to agree with another person who commented on this pen. The box is super cool. It is extremely obvious they spend a lot of time and thought on packaging as it is super innovative and cool. Gorgeous art, nifty design. But...thats the box. What is inside is exactly what feels like a dollar store pen. Nothing quality about it. Its ugly, Scratches when writes and looked better on the site. It's super light. I would only buy this maybe for a child starting out. It's just so cheap feeling and looking. I wish they put as much time into pen design as they do their boxes because they DO NOT look nor feel like a magical product. I would compare them to a "Cheap" pen, except the Jinhaos are so worth looking at and much better quality and for about $10 you can get a better looking and working pen on Amazon. Farris Wheel really needs to do an overhaul on quite a few things. Ink bottles that do not leak; lost about a quarter of an 85ml bottle because it leaked all over the awesome bag. New pens that are as magical as BENU. I wont pay for another pen from here till they reworks the design and quality for the price. Also need to rethink the shipping costs on products and go with weight as opposed to set shipping costs, They are exorbitant. Ok enough of the ranting, the two stars are my feelings on the pen specifically because I was excited to get it and its nothing to "write" home about.

Livi Hand

I love the rich color of this edition! The medium nib is lovely for glittery inks.

Dayn DeRose

The pens are quite nice but the ink bottles are inherently unstable. The spillage
Will cost me significantly. I will let people know about that. I am shocked that you would sell
Such a product- wven when set down very carefully after the first spill, it just
Fell over.
Again, the pens are quite nice. Not worth it though. I'm still upset.

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