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Sherry Reed
Not the standard I would expect.

The color is beautiful! The paper is definitely fountain pen friendly.
My issue is the cover has permanent indents from the elastic in multiple places ( arrived like that). Feels more like foam. The binding is so tight it's hard to hold open to write in it. Not the quality I would expect from FWP. I will likely just stick with theink.

Maryanna G

I love the color of the notebook, the size, and its elastic strap, but the cover is so soft the elastic leaves an indent and I'm worried when putting it in my bag that it'll get out of shape. Purchasing for the "final batch" price made this more worthwhile.

Grace Nelson

I was happy to receive a gift card. Unfortunately fully 50% of it was eaten up by shipping costs. I cannot recommend your company to anyone in the US due to prohibitive costs.

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