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Spruce County Post

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We celebrate the spirit of the collector with the Finer Things Collection -- three new rich and heartwarming colours inspired by the romance of antiques and cherished ephemera. As representative capsules of time and culture, we are inspired by the fascination of objects before our time. We capture the feeling of reminiscence and finding the perfect addition to a prized collection through our newest curated compilation of fine fountain pen ink.

With a deep appreciation for curation and the quest to find the perfect addition, prized treasure, or crowning jewel. We invite you to cherish every word, while recording your memories, thoughts and sincerest feelings.

Indulge in the pleasure of a well curated collection with Ferris Wheel Press.

Ink Tone: Spruce Tree green
Characteristics: Calming, deep, earthy, cool


• 38ml ink reservoir
• Rich and saturated tones
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

Paired with a warm cuppa, inspired by curators who enjoy flipping through the pages of long-loved ephemera. Looking back at our personal collections of curated vintage stamps, carefully removed and preserved, we bring to life an ink that stands as a testament to the love of writing and thoughts communicated through the nib of a pen. We commemorate the beautiful stamp designs that take you on a journey around the world, and transport you to a different period in time. Translate your love, thoughts and inspirations into letter and sketch with Spruce County Post.

Notable design details:

  • Hand-illustrated stamps referencing vintage Canadian designs, and capturing iconic landmarks and landscapes.
  • Can you spot our hometown icons? The CN Tower & Princes’ Gates
  • Also featuring the loving animal creatures from our past collections: Beaver Dam Brown, Goose Poupon, Madame Mulberry, and more. How many can you name?
  • The studio cats Pumpkin & Patch inspire a two cent stamp, perfect for two cats who like to give you their two cents.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tammie Hayden

This is a beautiful spruce green. No shimmer or metallics. But it is a lovely rich spruce green

Livi H

This ink is gorgeous! A lovely deep, cool green. It’s very pigmented, but still layer-able, which I imagine will come in handy for artwork. It makes everything you write feel just a bit classier.

Caryn C

Before I provide my thoughts on the ink, a quick word on the website. The swatch that's included with the online description was spot-on. I don't know what kind of equipment was used to capture the image, but please keep using it!

As for the ink... I love it! The undertone and shimmer it picks up as it dries is just beautiful. The deep, rich evergreen shade is fantastic for artwork with a winter and/or christmas theme.

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