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The Stamp Tin - Modern Antiques™Collection

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Redeem through the Loyalty Program today, and stay tuned for more ways to add this fabled writing instrument to your collection!


Delve into a collection of vintage marvels unearthed by the esteemed explorer, Juniper Moss; handmade treasures from a forgotten era that bring enchantment to your everyday moments.

The handmade antique brass Stamp Tin is a Loyalty Program exclusive! Collect and redeem with your Loyalty Points. Be sure to create/login to your account to add this precious trinket to your stationery collection today.

Spotlight Features:
  • Handmade antique brass storage tin
  • Hand enamelled lid and interior
  • Dimensions: 57mm x 39mm x 16mm
  • Store your postage stamps, nibs, secrets, and more!
Once Upon a Design
  • Hand illustrated, enamelled and handcrafted in antique brass.
  • Through his arduous adventures, avid traveller Juniper Moss has discovered an incredible set of treasures from an unknown period. Follow his story to learn more about these shimmering artifacts.
  • On this lovely peace, Lady Didot daydreams as she pens her next letter, perhaps to a reply to an ardent admirer?
  • Handmade antique brass tin
  • Enamelled lid and interior finish
  • Length: 57mm
  • Width: 39mm
  • Height: 16mm
  • Antique etched makers mark

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
it's so pretty.

can't decide what to keep inside, but golly, i feel fancy!! :D YouTube video placeholder
Cute and fits in the palm of your hand

It's a very cute limited edition product that can be exchanged with points. I live in Japan, and I plan to use it as a stamp holder, which I received when I bought ink. It's a very small brass can, so please handle it with care.

A lovely little keepsake

When I received the email advertising the limited edition stamp box, I know I had to have it. I just love little trinkets, and this is no exception. As always, well-designed packing for the product. The dark green outer packages declares it a Modern Antique, letting my know that it's something worth saving. The back describes the product as enameled machined brass. The item itself has a pleasing weight in the hand. The brass is smooth but not overly polished, giving that sense of a patina which is in line with the notion of an antique. The back of the bottom of the vessel is engraved with Ferris Wheel Press, ORI 905, Canada, along with the logo in the center. The graphic of the "thinker owl" is very sweet. The semi circle of text at the top is very tough for me to read. I needed to use my phone to take a photo and enlarge the image on screen. It reads: Teinte de Rouge (tint of red). Eclat d'epoque (Bright era), printed below, is perfectly clear. My only quality note is that the enamel is a bit rough around the edge of the lid. The lid will fit on the box bottom in both directions, but it decidedly fits better in one orientation than the other. The white enamel inside dried with some bubbling/pitting. It's not super noticeable, and it adds to the homemade feel of the item. As expected, stamps (timbres!) fit perfectly inside. Overall, I'm very pleased by the Stamp Tin, and I'm glad it's in my collection.

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